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  • Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings

    On a Sunday night last month I set out to discover which wing restaurant in town had the better chicken wings, something I had been planning to do since Wingstop opened in mid-December.

  • The aroma of Moroccan cuisine coming to a restaurant near you
    Ever since I noticed the banner revealing that a Moroccan restaurant was coming to town back in October, I was thrilled. The fact that little information was available about it added to the intrigue. 
  • Balducci’s creates a sensation at Rye Ridge Shopping Center

    Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market made an immediate impression when it opened in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center on Friday, Jan. 27, taking the place of the long-shuttered D’Agostino.

  • A treasure trove of restaurants coming to Port Chester and Rye Brook

    So many restaurants are coming to town that it’s hard to keep up, so I’ll bring you up to date.

  • Five eateries coming, two have gone

    Since I last did an update on the ever-changing dining scene in Port Chester and Rye Brook two months ago, one restaurant is just opening, others are coming along, another I only recently discovered had been in the works may be opening soon and two have closed, both unexpectedly.

  • Quarter century-old Italian staple moves to bright new quarters
    T&J, what can I say? After 26 years, it’s a staple in the Port Chester/Rye Brook community. And now that the Italian restaurant known for its delicious Neapolitan family recipes, traditional and gourmet pizza, homemade pasta and warm hospitality has moved a block away to spanking new quarters in a newly constructed building with twice the space.
  • New batch of eateries opening

    Another batch of restaurants that has been in the works for some time is finally coming to fruition while the conversion of a closed restaurant into a new one has just surfaced. 

  • Coyote Flaco still a Mexican gem after 25 years in Port Chester

    There are now nine Mexican restaurants in Port Chester, but only a few have the longevity of Coyote Flaco, which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in December.

    It doesn’t look much different from the outside than it did 25 years ago, but tiny Coyote Flaco, located at 115 Midland Ave., has grown over the years, from a seating capacity of 20 to 30 inside and doubling from 25 to about 50 on the outside patio.

  • Everyone loves pizza

    Of the 123 restaurants currently open in Port Chester and Rye Brook, 21 serve pizza. That’s 17 percent of all the eateries in the two villages, that total number in fact having fallen by eight since this time last year. Besides the pizzerias and Italian restaurants that also make pizza, the two Irish/American pub/restaurants—Davy Byrnes and McShane’s—are on that list as is The Clydesdale Pub & Grill—dubbed “an American bar & grill with an English twist”—and Härth in the Hilton Westchester. The latter two both have wood-burning ovens.

  • New options, but outdoor eating spots, now at 36, down a few from last year

    The number of Port Chester and Rye Brook restaurants offering outdoor eating has decreased by three from last year. However, at least one new eatery with a lovely outdoor deck will be opening before the end of the summer to replace one that closed last year. Assuming that occurs, the number will rise from the current 36 to 37.

  • Roddy’s Pizza & Salad: ‘New name, same great food and people’

    Rod Aguillon started washing dishes at Arcuri’s Pizza & Salad in Cos Cob at age 17. He was outspoken, worked hard and became a partner with Jamie Arcuri when he expanded the family restaurant to a second location in Port Chester in 2010.

  • The end of an era at Vinny’s Lunch

    Vinny’s is the last of the old time Port Chester luncheonettes. At one time there were about 10 in town, but the others have all closed, and Vinny’s Lunch, which has been in business nearly 43 years at 182 North Main St., stands alone.

  • Restaurant outlook heats up just in time for spring

    The restaurant scene in Port Chester and Rye Brook is vibrant and ever-changing, and thank goodness for that. There are always new places for residents to eat and for me to critique.

  • Banditos Tacos & Tequila

    If you haven’t heard of Banditos Tacos & Tequila, Port Chester’s newest Mexican restaurant, I’m not surprised. It is just getting off the ground, but more than that it is breaking ground in a section of Port Chester that is slowly making an exciting and welcome resurgence.

  • Panka: Fine Peruvian foodin a stark, modern setting
    Panka Peruvian Bistro makes 10. Ten Peruvian restaurants in a 2½-square-mile area. Even for a village like Port Chester with its large Peruvian population, that's a lot.
  • Café Mirage is back, bigger and better
    It's almost like a dream come true for Port Chester residents Dave and Katy Haggerty who, along with new partner Ben Houx, have realized the opening of a new, much larger Café Mirage at 223 Westchester Ave., the former location of T&J Villaggio Trattoria and several other restaurants before that. Construction took longer than expected, as building projects always do, but the new restaurant finally had a soft opening the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  • New menu offers more varietyat historic station restaurant
    It was with great anticipation that the Port Chester railroad station opened as a restaurant, beer hall and garden a year and a half ago. After eight months of construction, Port Chester Hall & Beer Garden was a whole new use of a public building that dates back to 1890. Jon Bloostein, founder and CEO of Heartland Holdings, transformed a busy Metro-North station as well as an historic building that was in dire need of rehabilitation into a modern restaurant with an Old World feel.
  • Spadaro Ristorante bringing its Italian cooking to P. C.
    A collaboration among four entities will bring to fruition a new Italian restaurant in downtown Port Chester on or about Feb. 1.

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